Pear Tree Farm

Why People Love Our Trees


Our passion is trees, and because of that, we take great pride in growing Grade A field grown trees.  From the care of a seedling to the maintaining of a mature tree, each one beautifully displays the passion we have put into it.  Our team is comprised of hard-working, skilled professionals with many years of experience.  Tree growing can be a grueling line of work, with long hours during the growing season and a meticulousness mindset for perfection.  It is not only the passion for trees that keeps us going but the passion for growing an exceptional tree. 


Big Red Nursery is located in the beautiful state of Nebraska.  We grow our trees locally which gives us an advantage over the competitor.  We sell our trees within Nebraska and the surrounding states, so it is important to know our trees are battle tested in this climate. Growing trees locally is more than just knowing they can handle the harsh winters and drought-like summers; it means we’ve had our hand in the growing process along the way. We believe strongly a tree grown and manicured in the great Midwest, is one of the strongest and healthiest trees available. 


Big Red Nursery holds itself to exceptional growing standards, which can exceed national standards while doing so. This allows us to grow top quality field grown trees while maintaining a competitive price. Our growing and manicuring procedures are labor intensive in order to produce a top quality tree.  Standards are met and exceeded when it comes to root growth, canopy care and overall health of the tree. We understand that setting high standards will give the customer a great product to watch grow for years to come. 


Big Red Nursery prides itself in quality.  Over the years of perfecting our quality trees, we have managed to increase the quantity along the way.  Growing thousands of top quality, state inspected trees has only increased our efficiency when it comes to quality.  Our procedures in planting, pruning, and digging have set us apart from the rest.  We use top of the line materials, techniques and procedures to create a superior tree.  It is our goal to watch our tree grow with our customers for years and years to come.