Our Tree Farm

Big Red Nursery has two growing fields that give us roughly 40 acres.  On these 40 acres, we grow a variety of trees.  We grow both deciduous and evergreen trees. We begin our trees from seedling to whip size and grow them to the desired digging size.  The trees are irrigated throughout their stay in the field which gives them a very healthy root system.  Our average tree is in our care for 3-7 years before it is dug, balled and put in a basket to be sold.  We dig to order in the spring and fall but have a large amount of trees held above ground during the late spring-summer.  This allows us to have a number of trees to chose from when digging conditions are not ideal.  Our tree farm is state inspected to assure our trees are not only top quality, but disease and damage free. Our farms lay west of the city of Omaha but are nice and convenient to take a ride out to pick your future tree. 

Our Focus

Big Red Nursery focuses on its trees, and trees alone. We spend each day striving to grow and sculpt a beautiful tree. When that tree has become of size, it is dug and can be sold. We are more than capable of delivering and installing the tree if needed. In this field, it is easy to stray from what we know best and veer into other avenues such as landscaping or mowing. We know we are the best tree provider available and can stand behind our trees. If you are looking for extensive plans to incorporate a tree or grouping of trees into your plan, we are more than happy to get you in front of the professionals who can best service you. This gives us peace of mind that our focus is centered around what we do best. We allow the focus of other great companies to team with us in creating a scene or sculpt a yard using our product.

Our Mission

We have a mission to provide the highest quality tree available. This mission ties our focus and determination into growing top quality trees. This mission benefits the environment, the homeowner and the beya landscape for many years to come.

Our mission is backed with countless hours, growing techniques and high-quality materials. It allows us to live out our mission each and every day. We know going into the day that we have a core set of values to go by and when following them, we create an exceptional tree.